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Stacked rigs

Experience in Rig Reactivation

ADC’s recent experience in reactivation projects has shown that Drilling Contractor preparation and reactivation planning can vary significantly between contractors and even among rigs in their fleets. 

In the event that the rig is stacked, ADC reviews the rig-specific reactivation plan in respect to timings, systems covered in the plan, rig capability and crew competence.

The most successful and efficient rig reactivations have been a result of detailed planning involving all parties. ADC, the client and the Drilling Contractor all working collaboratively to ensure the rig is reactivated efficiently and safely. 

Given many of the rigs that are currently stacked were never meant to be deactivated, ADC acknowledge that there is likely to be a steep learning curve regarding the most efficient and cost effective approach to reactivation.

ADC Energy Ltd Rig Reactivation

A major threat to successful reactivations is the obsolescence of major control systems as software becomes out of date and unsupported by the OEM.  A second notable threat is the ability of OEMs to service and deliver on long-lead items due to cutbacks in personnel and service departments during the downturn. Ensuring that the latest parts, equipment and alerts are suitably integrated to be compliant with changes in the industry during the period of stacking is critical to the overall success of the project.

There has been a wide disparity in both the interpretation of the stacking philosophy (i.e. cold, warm, hot or ready stacked) but also the risk mitigation taken when preserving the rig in the first place.  These stacked rigs are the first generation with integrated control systems; previous, less complex, generations of rigs were mechanically driven and therefore simpler to turn on and off. Uncertainty around the stacking philosophy or even the risk posed by the stacking location, have both proven to be two of the myriad of challenges faced during reactivation.

  • Preservation measures taken during stacked period and the activities to reverse these measures
  • Classification, Survey status and Certification
  • Rig Capabilities – will all the required equipment be tested and proved operational prior to commencing operations
  • Crew Competency – crew up-manning strategy with competent personnel familiar with the rig and/or systems
  • Drilling Contractor’s Operational Support
  • Equipment overhauls – consideration to equipment overdue overhaul and soon to be overhauled, especially during the contractual term
  • Instrumentation Calibration 
  • OEM Bulletin / Alert management and implementation

stacked rigs

Assessing Stacked Rigs

Where access to equipment is limited due to preservation, ADC focus on the preservation methods employed, maintenance management and the rig specific reactivation plan.

The end goal is to assess the Drilling Contractor’s ability to provide a rig that is both safe and efficient before commencing operations.

ADC Energy Ltd Rig Reactivation

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